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Additional Opportunities

Research/Scholarship Activity Mentor

Many students in Phase 1 desire to participate in extracurricular research/scholarship activities. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies (ORGS) maintains and makes available a list of researchers and research/scholarship opportunities for student participation. Faculty who want to serve as research/scholarship mentors should contact the ORGS who can assist them in having their information included in the database. Students will work closely with their Individualized Learning Plan advisors to assure that the research/scholarship envisioned is appropriate for their particular circumstances. Participation in research/scholarship activities is essential for the professional development of students, representing an important mechanism to witness the challenging processes of scientific discovery and how advances in knowledge are translated into advanced medicine and patient care. Faculty and students, with help from the ORGS, will design appropriate research/scholarship activities such that the student has every opportunity to be successful.

With questions, contact: ORGS@hmhn.org


The primary role of the specialty mentor is to assist students in identifying, exploring and achieving their desired career goal/path, and making informed career decisions. This is a required element of the curriculum and it is expected that you will have contact with your student(s) at least every 6 months, although you are encouraged to meet more frequently. Contacts may be in person or by phone/email. The length of your relationship with a student may vary and will be dependent on the sustained interest of the student in your specialty, or other factors. It is possible that you will work with the same student through the residency match. You are encouraged to discuss your decision-making process of choosing the specialty and to engage in activities to expose your student(s) to your daily activities.

With questions, contact: Lindsey.Dedow@hmhn.org


Our students will be seeking opportunities to observe physicians over a short period of time in order to learn more about the experience of a physician. This is considered a short-term, brief extracurricular activity which will allow additional exposure to clinical medicine, to observe doctor-patient interactions, and inform and support career planning activities. A student may shadow for a few hours to observe a particular procedure or return over time. Shadowing experiences may turn into mentoring relationships.

With questions, contact: Lindsey.Dedow@hmhn.org


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Student Clubs

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