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Teaching Opportunities

The Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine offers opportunities for faculty involvement at various points and a variety of settings throughout the curriculum. Students complete a three-year core curriculum, meeting rigorous standardized learning outcomes. This competency-based curriculum works to instill the idea of lifelong learning and self-directed learning as the students reach their goals.

Curriculum Schematic

Each phase of the curriculum offers a different opportunity for faculty to engage with students. Phase 1 consists of teaching either in your office or both large and small group settings. Phase 2 offers opportunities for teaching in your office or hospital or through electives. In Phase three faculty can develop and lead intensive electives or work with students in research.

Phase 1 Opportunities:

  • Longitudinal Clinical Placement
  • Small Group Facilitators
  • Large Group Teaching Sessions (LGALS)

Phase 2 Opportunities:

  • Create 2-to-4-week advanced clinical electives in your specialty area or sub internships in ICU setting.
  • Teaching in the clerkship setting.

Phase 3 Opportunities:

  • Intensive research time up to 9 months.
  • Intensive clinical electives of varying lengths.

With questions, contact the Office of Medical Education at OMEAdmin@hmhn.org.

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