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Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (IEA)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment (OIEA) is to support the culture of continuous improvement and evidence-based decision-making, strategic goals of the school, and meet the reporting requirements of the government and accrediting agencies by providing accurate and reliable data, metrics, and dashboards in a timely manner.


  1. Support the curriculum assessment processes.
    • The OIEA assists course and clerkship directors and supports various committees in a number of different ways including setting up assessments in ExamSoft, conducting standard setting meetings to derive cut scores, administering various evaluation forms, and providing quantitative and qualitative data to complete, for example, course and clerkship reviews.
  2. Lead the administrative and educational support (AES) unit assessment processes.
    • This office will create an assessment handbook and assist AES units in developing mission, goals, objectives, outcomes, and assessment methods. Most importantly, we ensure that AES unit goals are periodically assessed and support units in identifying quality improvement projects, and implementing their action plans.
  3. Monitor and track outcome measures of strategic goals.
    • Outcome measures associated with each strategic goal are periodically assessed and presented to the Dean’s Cabinet. Presentation of the results through dashboards regularly will allow the school to take any corrective measures, if necessary, in a timely manner to ensure that strategic goals are adequately met.
  4. Meet reporting obligations set by different state and federal governments, accrediting, and other external agencies.
    • This office is primarily responsible for completing a number of reports to ensure we remain in compliance with different accrediting agencies and government regulations. Furthermore, this office supports LCME and Middle State accreditation efforts and leads institutional research endeavors.
  5. Generate and support medical education scholarship.
    • The IEA team members provide research and statistical consulting services to all stakeholders of HMSOM who are engaged in conducting scholarly research. We will produce scholarships and support the culture of collaborative research resulting in peer-reviewed journal publications and conference presentations.

Administrative and Educational Support (AES) Unit Assessment Handbook

This handbook delineates the importance and rationale for conducting assessment of administrative units known as administrative and educational support (AES). The assessment cycle and its components are clearly defined. AES units play a crucial role in supporting the teaching and learning experience at HMSOM. They have a significant impact on students’ success. The school’s chief accrediting bodies, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) and the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) emphasize the need to conduct meaningful assessment to ensure continuous quality improvement. The comprehensive and cohesive AES unit assessment plan that we developed demonstrates HMSOM’s commitment to meaningful assessment.

Administrative and Educational Support (AES) Unit Assessment Handbook

CQI Chronicle

The CQI Chronicle is a quarterly newsletter this office publishes. The newsletter is published at the end of each quarter. The articles primarily address quality improvement projects and demonstrate how assessment and evaluation data are used to improve the curriculum. It is important to demonstrate to the stakeholders that their feedback is taken seriously and that we act on them. We also entertain articles on topics of interest to the larger HMSOM community, for example, about the Middle State visit and introduction of important committees.

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