Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine | Nutley, NJ | Phase 1 Teaching Opportunities   

Teaching in Phase 1

Phase 1 Fundamentals

Phase 1 spans the first 16 months of the curriculum, and includes classroom, clinical, and community-based experiences, with the focus on gaining the foundational knowledge and skills from the Biomedical, Behavioral, Social, and Health System Sciences that students will use and apply throughout all Phases of the curriculum, and their future careers.

There are a number of opportunities for faculty to be involved in the delivery of the curriculum. Phase 1 consists of teaching either in your office or both large and small group settings. Faculty development tailored to support the unique needs of each program and offered in a variety of methods. Further curriculum information can be found here.

Large Group Facilitation

The school has developed a workshop series aimed at helping you become more efficient and organized in a standard way as you prepare to teach in a large group active learning session (LGAL).


Longitudinal Clinical Placement, or LCP, is a clinical immersion experience for our Phase 1 students. It involves a student coming to your practice setting, learning from you, and directly interacting with patients.

Small Group Facilitation

Small Group Facilitation occurs at our Nutley, NJ campus. The courses that make up our small group instruction are Clinical Skills, Human Dimension, and Patient Presentation Problem Based Learning Curriculum.

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