Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine | Nutley, NJ | Human Dimension Overview/Humanism   


HMH Humanism Slideshow from ESP Productions on Vimeo.

Humanism is at the heart of our school of medicine’s mission and vision in creating physicians who meet patients and families with compassion in their healthcare journey. It is woven throughout the curriculum and is introduced to our students on their very first day of medical school. During orientation, the students are asked to reflect on their personal connection to humanistic values and its role in their professional journey moving forward. They meet in small groups and develop a slide with a one minute voice over that represents a visual of the group’s vision on humanism in medical practice.

Below, you will find our 2021 Cohort’s slides which are a wonderful mix of visuals, quotes, and creative expression about what humanism in medicine means to them. As Catherine Hahn MD, a graduate from the Class of 2021, said so beautifully, “Humanism in its most elemental form boils down to our love for one another. Humanism consists of treating others with the respect they deserve out of an understanding of the inherent value we have as human beings. Humanism is a process. It is not a skill granted to us when our degrees are conferred to us (today). Rather, it is a fundamental mindset that is demonstrated through our attitudes and actions.”

Humanism – 2021 Cohort Slides

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