HMSOM Student Publishes Correspondence in The Lancet   

HMSOM Student Publishes Correspondence in The Lancet

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A second-year Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine student has published a piece of correspondence in The Lancet which questions some recent research about injectables for treatment of schizophrenia.

Maxwell Price co-authored the piece “The use of long-acting injectables in early-phase schizophrenia” in this month’s issue of the esteemed medical journal. His father, psychiatrist Richard L. Price of Weill Cornell Medical College, is the other author.

The correspondence questions some recently published studies, according to the younger Price.

“Our Lancet article was inspired after reading a large research study conducted throughout Europe & Israel that appeared to be methodologically problematic leading to an erroneous conclusion,” he said. “I analyzed their study carefully, including all the details of their supplemental information, and found an alternative conclusion that more closely comports with our own clinical experience and better explains their data.”

Price finished his undergraduate degree in neuroscience at Columbia University last year, at age 19, before starting his stint at HMSOM. He plans to finish his classroom and clinical M.D. requirements over three years, and then earn an M.P.H., concentrating in Biostatistics, in his fourth year.

Price said it was his mentors, his father and beyond, who have given him inspiration early in his career.

“I am appreciative of Psychiatry Chair, Dr. Gary Small for his ongoing career advice, and (CDI scientist and professor) Dr. Benjamin Tycko for his research mentorship,” said Price.

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