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Appointments and Promotions

Navigating the Appointment and Promotions Process

The Office of Faculty and the Appointment and Promotions Committee are here to help you navigate the appointment and promotion. We are committed to providing advice and support as you embark on the path for appointment and promotion. We hope to inspire you to want to develop on a professional level.

The following documents will help facilitate this journey:

A Guide to Navigating Appointments and Promotions

HMSOM CV formatting guidelines
HMSOM Faculty Portfolio Format
Assistant Professor Criteria
Associate Professor Criteria
Professor Criteria
LOR Requirements

Navigating the Faculty Appointment Application Process

The process starts when the faculty member wishes to apply for appointment. The candidate should connect with their Chairperson to discuss. For a list of academic Department Chairs, please click HERE. Read through the materials carefully and feel free to email us at: SOMAPC@hmhn.org

Please complete the form below to express interest in obtaining a faculty appointment.

Please note, this interest form is to be completed by Initial Applicants Only.

For individuals interested in the Promotions Process, please click here.

Faculty seeking reappointment or a promotion will receive information from our office about the re-appointment and promotion process. If you are not an initial applicant, please do not submit this form.

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